This project was entirely made by me starting from architectural planning and engineering and finished with decorating and graphic design. The region “Gorki Leninskie” near Moscow is poor for kindergartens and there are no leisure and hobby clubs. This is a big problem not only for this region but for the whole Russia. I was given a 300 square meters empty space only with 4 walls and a task to make a children’s club where the various developmental lessons for children and their parents such as art, dancing and psychology could be held. 

For me the main aim was to make a vivid and fresh space where everybody will feel happy and calm. I wanted to make something different from other Russian kindergartens with “soviet soul” and boring colours. I have organized the space with 4 specified lesson zones and with reception, cloakroom, kitchen and toilet. I have also made the logo, signboard, all the printed matter and wall decoration. Although the budget of the project was small I have coped with the task. 

In april 2013 the club was officialy opened and I was awarded a national diploma for the important contribution in development of the region. This project was published in newspapers and magazines.

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